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Professional Painting at Competitive Prices


We do all types of Interior projects - LARGE OR SMALL!   Just give us a call (623) 451-0277,      or click here to request a free estimate and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The secret to a great paint job is in the prep work and using quality paints.  Servicing the unique needs of homeowners, property managers, real estate investors, Sun City Painting does the necessary Prep work and uses the appropriate top-quality paints and materials to ensure your paint job is long-lasting and has a professional- looking finish, including:
  • washing or sanding surfaces
  • caulking all cracks and gaps 
  • spackling , patching holes, scraping flaking paint, wall repair and retexturing of damaged wall areas
  • covering floors, masking and protecting unpainted areas   
  • spot-priming or full priming as needed
  • removing wall plates and fixtures    
  • treating/ killing mildew or mold    
  • wall paper removal    

Cabinets & Doors

Remodel:  old wood cabinets painted to a smooth, durable decorator-color finish
Remodel: old wood cabinets painted to a smooth, durable decorator-color finish

Using highest-quality cabinet-grade paint - let Sun City Painting bring your old unpainted or previously painted cabinets to a new fine-finish, smooth sprayed look in any color. 


Doors and  Trim- get the same smooth spray, professional-looking finish on all your doors and trim


Sun City Painting  does the highest quality exterior painting job for all our clients valued residential  and commercial buildings.  The key ingredients to a long-lasting paint job are a Professional-grade prep job including the use of high quality primers and caulking materials and the use of the highest quality coatings products, appropriate for the job.


We do professional grade painting jobs:

  • Single family homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi-unit structures
  • Property Management

Just call us at (623) 451-0277, or Click here to request a FREE ESTIMATE and job consultation. 

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I approve this website

Cool Wall

Imagine an exterior coating for your home or commercial building that is VERY LONG-LASTING and also has ceramics making the coating significant thermal barrier - We have it!  Why paint... insulate!


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Cool Roof

commercial flat roof - before Insulcoat ROOF

after Insulcoat ROOF 3-step process

Protect your roof with our government-certified, tested and rated COOL ROOF  ceramic-elastomeric coating -  and save money on heating and cooling costs!

Insulcoat Roof has all the same amazing properties as Insulcoat Wall but enhanced to withstand water ponding.

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Hotel experienced significant money-saving energy reduction after we applied Insulcoat

Hotel's roof was

142 degrees at 12:40pm.  Air temp was rising at 86 degrees

Roof temp on areas with Ceramic Insulcoat was  90 degrees.  It's easy to see why the energy bill dropped significantly

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